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Now is the Time for REPs to Embrace Residential Demand Response

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Utilities have been implementing residential demand response (DR) programs and enjoying the attendant benefits for decades. But, to date, residential demand response programs have not been widely deployed by competitive retail electric providers (REPs). However, changing market rules and consumer preferences suggest that now is the time for that to change. In areas with retail... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: December 12, 2014

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Summary: Welcoming Art Beckman; Meet Julie Prince; Boosting customer engagement; Residential energy management growth; Utilities prep for bigger storms; FERC 745 returns to center stage This week, we announced the addition of our new Chief Information & Technology Officer, Art Beckman Meet Comverge employee Julie Prince, who leads our Program Support team Utility Dive and... Read More

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Meet a Comverge Employee: Julie Prince

Julie Prince
Welcome to the third installment of Meet a Comverge Employee. Today we head to Comverge’s metro Atlanta office to sit down with Julie Prince, Program Support Manager. What is your professional background?  Most of my early career was spent in some sort of customer service role, whether inside sales or customer support. I then moved... Read More


The Top Line on Energy Management: December 5, 2014

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Summary: Growth in demand response; Demand management and IoT; The role of big data in the energy space; Utilities must improve the customer experience; A sustainable energy future Industry analysts predicted that the demand response industry would show substantial growth by 2023. Intelligent Utility reported that connectivity and the Internet of Things are beginning to... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: November 21, 2014

Connected Home
Summary: 2015 Comverge Utility Conference; Bring Your Own Device; California SB 1414; Takeaways from PLMA Fall Conference; New opportunities for utilities in the energy market; Water heaters are hot again We unveiled more details regarding our 2015 Comverge Utility Conference Comverge’s John Rossi shared his take on the “bring your own device” trend and how... Read More

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The Rules of the Road for Taking Advantage of the Bring Your Own Device Trend

Over the past few years, residential consumers have started buying Wi-Fi connected thermostats that offer convenient web programming and the opportunity for greater control over energy use. The growth of these customer-purchased connected-home devices poses an opportunity for utilities to use them as resources for demand response programs. A key benefit differentiating programs based on these... Read More

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California Senate Bill 1414 is Great News for Demand Response

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We are pleased to see that last month California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 1414 (SB 1414) after the bill had passed unanimously through California’s state senate. The bill will accelerate the use of demand response technology in the state of California to meet the state’s rising electricity needs, stating that each... Read More



PLMA Fall Conference: Demand Response Takes Center Stage in the City of Brotherly Love

It is always a great time attending the Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA) Fall and Spring Conferences, and it’s fun to catch up with so many industry colleagues as well as meet new contacts. I was also excited to be elected to the PLMA Executive Committee for the 2014-2016 term (see group photo on right).... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: November 14, 2014

St. Pete
Summary: 2015 Comverge Utility Conference; Utilities embrace analytics; Smart cities explained; The evolution of the modern grid; A look at the smart grid market Next April the 2015 Comverge Utility Conference (CUC) heads back to St. Petersburg, Florida Intelligent Utility explained why big data analytics are changing the modern utility across all sectors of the... Read More

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Comverge Heats Up St. Petersburg for the 2015 Comverge Utility Conference

As the nights start to draw in, our thoughts head to sunnier days next April in St. Petersburg, Florida, where we will be holding our annual Comverge Utility Conference (CUC). Although last year’s conference in New Orleans will be hard to beat, we have another lineup of great keynotes, sessions and networking opportunities coming up... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: November 7, 2014

High-voltage Electrical Transmission Towers With Sunset Backgrou
Summary: How DR saves costs and helps the environment; America’s quest for one grid; What makes the smart home smart; New York’s new plans for its electricity market; How communications technology leads to a smarter smart grid EnergyBiz examines how demand response programs not only help stabilize the grid, but also help consumers reduce their... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: October 31, 2014

Windmill Turbines Generating Electricity during a Thunder Storm
Summary: New FERC renewables report; Traditional rate structures are breaking down; Coalitions comment on the PJM Capacity Performance Proposal; EPA releases Notice of Data Availability; Wells Fargo announces $10 million grant for cleantech startups FERC’s recent report found renewables have accounted for 40 percent of capacity additions in 2014 thus far. Black & Veatch argued... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: October 24, 2014

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Summary: Meet Tom Barbour; DR works for consumers; The future of smart energy; The U.S. can learn from Germany; Customer engagement solutions from SGCC We introduced Tom Barbour, who leads the Solution Delivery professional services team at Comverge Demand response is good for consumers and the grid by keeping prices low and power on during... Read More

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