The Top Line on Energy Management: August 22, 2014

Summary: DR 101; FERC Order 1000; State by state electricity prices; PJM market report; NE-ISO changing approach; California needs DR; High PJM prices; Customer satisfaction rising Comverge’s blog featured a contributed article from the EDF Climate Corps on the basics of demand response The FERC received a big legislative win as Order 1000 was upheld... Read More

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EDF Guest Blog Post: Demand Response 101: How it Works and the Incentives

The post was authored and contributed by the EDF Climate Corp’s Karan Gupta Demand response. It’s been called the “killer application for the smart grid” by John Wellinghoff, former Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). But what is it? In short, demand response is the ability of energy users to change their demand for... Read More

The Top Line on Energy Management: August 15, 2014

Summary: Integrating DR and EE; Retiring power plants; PJM expanding rules; Wind industry’s uncertain future; EPA in control Comverge’s Jeremy Klingel outlined the benefits of a holistic approach to demand response and energy efficiency in a recent blog post Black and Veatch’s 8th annual Strategic Directions: U.S. Electric Industry report found that many retiring nuclear and... Read More

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The Benefits of Integrating Demand Response and Energy Efficiency

It’s an exciting time in the world of energy management. More than ever before, new technologies are being implemented globally to enable utilities and consumers to better manage energy delivery and consumption. While previous approaches have implemented these programs separately, the potential for rewarding customer engagement practices and powerful potential results convinced us that integration... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: August 8, 2014

Summary: Comverge’s new executive; Duke’s HōM program; Integrating DR and EE; DRMS growing; Smart Grid investments; CPUC ups DR; TXU awarded efficiency honor Comverge welcomed new VP of Sales and Marketing David Neal to its team this week Duke Energy’s HōM™ Energy Manager program and its success with customer engagement was featured in a local... Read More

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25 Reasons Why You Should Attend the 2015 Comverge Utility Conference

CUC 2015
The 2014 Comverge Utility Conference (CUC) in May this year was definitely one for the books: with a great keynote speaker, informative sessions, ample networking opportunities and, of course, the delicious New Orleans cuisine and lively music scene, a great time was had by all. We’re happy to announce that for the 2015 event next... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: August 1, 2014

new customers attract buyers increase traffic by product marketi
Summary: Accenture and Comverge aligned; New FERC chairman; New York and the smart grid; OpenADR growing; Duke Energy acquires ElectriCities; Diversity is key Comverge’s Pravin Bhagat explored intersections between Accenture’s latest report on energy consumers and Comverge’s position paper on participant recruitment Utility Dive had the scoop on Norman Bay’s expected appointment as Chairman of... Read More

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How to Engage the New Energy Consumer (Accenture Weighs In)

In leading Comverge’s program marketing efforts since 2005, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot about a subject area of particular interest to me: customer engagement and strategies for promoting behavioral change. We at Comverge now have proven expertise in this area, having recruited more than 1.6 million customers (and counting!) in demand management... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: July 25, 2014

Bright future success concept 2014 3d illustration
Summary: The 21st century smart grid; FERC & DR; Zigbee’s new standard; TXU and DR benefits; California invests in microgrids; Rehearing FERC case; MISO prices fall Comverge’s Jason Cigarran responded to a recent NRDC blog post and the use of demand response in a 21st Century grid This week’s Platts “Market Spotlight” provided an overview... Read More

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The 21st Century Smart Grid and Demand Response

Word cloud for Automation
Earlier this week I enjoyed an article on the National Resource Defense Council’s (NRDC) blog that explored what a 21st century smart grid will look like. The author, Carl Zichella, had recently attended a Department of Energy meeting in Portland, Oregon and shared some of the key takeaways. Carl identified demand response and energy efficiency... Read More

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Customer Spotlight: Fort Collins Utilities

As an industry, we often place the spotlight on the largest utilities in the country, and while they do great work, we also see very innovative programs being implemented by mid-sized public power and electric cooperative utilities. A perfect example of this is the City of Fort Collins Utilities. For background, Fort Collins is based... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: July 18, 2014

A namtag sticker with the words Hello I Am Here to Stay to symbo
Summary: DR is here to stay; Focusing on customers; Climate changes; White House addresses climate change; Trash or treasure; DVCA on the rise Comverge’s Frank Lacey spoke with Utility Dive regarding the appeal of FERC Order 745 and the future of demand response EnergyWire highlighted the need for excellent customer service, with insights from our... Read More

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How Technology is Improving Soccer—and the Electricity Grid

soceer ball
Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably know that the FIFA World Cup in Brazil has been going on for the past month, and people all over the world are getting into the spirit. Since the last World Cup four years ago, a lot has changed – especially technology-wise – and at this year’s... Read More

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