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The Top Line on Energy Management: October 24, 2014

Value Price Puzzle Concept
Summary: Meet Tom Barbour; DR works for consumers; The future of smart energy; The U.S. can learn from Germany; Customer engagement solutions from SGCC Meet Tom Barbour, who leads the Solution Delivery professional services team at Comverge Demand response is good for consumers and the grid by keeping prices low and power on during peak... Read More

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Market Power Mitigation: How Demand Response Helps Consumers in Wholesale Markets

In this blog post, we introduce the concept of market power, discuss how it can drive up prices in wholesale electricity markets, and explain how demand response can be a powerful tool to counter those effects and keep prices low for electricity users. For a more in-depth look at these issues, complete with detailed examples,... Read More

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Meet a Comverge Employee: Tom Barbour

Tom Barbour
Welcome to the second installment of our new Meet an Employee series. Last month we got to know Evan Pittman and today we’ll introduce Tom Barbour, Senior Director of Solution Delivery based in Comverge’s Denver office. Subscribe to Intelligent Energy Today on the right-hand sidebar to be updated when new posts like this are shared!... Read More


The Top Line on Energy Management: October 17, 2014

California Republic
Summary: The value of demand response for grid operators; California aiming to grow demand response programs; U.S. utilities following the tech industry’s lead; Comverge and Constellation form new company for C&I demand response; Software helping grid operators integrate distributed energy; Demand response’s role in the grid of the future Comverge’s new VP of Strategic Sales... Read More

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Delivering Real Value through Demand Management

I recently joined Comverge as the VP of Strategic Sales and Operations, and I’m thrilled to be part of the team here as it’s a great time to be in the energy management business. I believe passionately in cost-effective demand management solutions, in particular leveraging a communicating thermostat to deliver a great customer experience, year-round... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: October 10, 2014

Abstract Businessman with Megaphone.
Summary: Comverge – looking forward; New beginnings in C&I; Energy efficiency market worth billions; Distributed energy software is expanding; Automated demand response in your hand Comverge CEO Gregory Dukat looks forward to the future of Comverge after this week’s announcement Greentech Media explains how the merger between the Comverge C&I business and Constellation “could be... Read More

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A Singular Focus on the Electric Utility Market

As you may have seen in the news, Comverge has reached an agreement with Constellation Energy to combine our commercial and industrial (C&I) demand response business with Constellation’s C&I business to create a new company. The combined business and will focus on delivering a full spectrum of demand response offerings to C&I customers and will... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: October 3, 2014

New York Times Square traffic at night - summer 2008
Summary: Platts Global Energy Awards finalists; Future of NY utilities; Demand Response to eclipse $50 million by 2025; Increasing energy efficiency program participation; DR after FERC Order 745; California expands DR; Polar Vortex and DR Comverge has been selected as a finalist in the 2014 Platts Global Energy Awards in the Grid Optimization category What... Read More



The Top Line on Energy Management: September 26, 2014

Renewable energy sources
Summary: Meet Comverge’s Evan Pittman; DR and renewables; DOE expands EE; Whose data is it anyway; SONGS shutdown; Renewables get competitive  Comverge’s Evan Pittman has a passion for energy efficiency and music – meet him in our new employee spotlight Today’s Facility Manager explored the role of demand response in optimizing renewables The U.S. Department... Read More

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Meet a Comverge Employee: Evan Pittman

Evan Pittman
This post kicks off a new series on the Comverge blog where we’ll be introducing our employees to our readers. Check back for more posts like this to get to know the Comverge team! Today you’ll meet Evan Pittman, a Business Development and Strategy Associate who joined Comverge last month. What is your professional background?... Read More


The Top Line on Energy Management: September 19, 2014

Summary: Impact of the FERC Order 745 ruling on the U.S. DR market; Europe tries out U.S.-style DR; Report on global smart DR market growth; States escalate efforts around renewables and energy efficiency; ISO-New England turns to distributed generation Greentech Media reported that the U.S. Court of Appeals’ ruling against FERC Order 745 could cost... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: September 12, 2014

Person examines value
Summary: Capacity value of DR; Dave Neal appointment; Rejecting SONGS; NY reveals energy plan; SDG&E looking to DR; Gamification of DR Our own Frank Lacey expounded on the capacity value of demand response The Atlanta Journal-Constitution featured our new senior vice president of sales and marketing, Dave Neal California made news as it rejected the... Read More

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The Capacity Value of Demand Response

Load drop. A/C cycling. Negawatts. These are what most people in our industry think of when they hear “demand response.” While it’s true that all of these still apply, the reality is that the story of demand response, or DR, has gotten much bigger, and it’s time to reconsider the value that demand response can... Read More

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