Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Game Review

Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Game is combination of various silly twitchy mini-games. It is a sequel built on the success of its original Dumb Ways to Die, but its new set of characters and new mini-games promise different challenge and fun.

In Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Game, you control charmingly dumb characters to participate in a series of quirky and fatal mini-games at themed buildings. In the Dumb Home, you are faced with challenges like electric fence hurdles and lightning pole vault, while at the Freezerville you will risk your life at sports like landmine curling and rocket ski jump. When you enter one location, you will be thrust to join its own themed mini-games randomly generated. You have three lives at each entry and the goal is to survive more games and score high.

These mini-games are built on simple mechanics. You tap franticly to run fast in the Running with Scissors, tilt with balance to stay on the back of a wiggling dolphin, swipe really fast to close the windows and doors of an Avalanche chalet, or trace arrows perfectly to tie the shoelace before running. So you just tap, swipe, tilt or draw. How hard is that? Well, you can keep that thought till you meet various cartoonish, bloody deaths.

The challenge comes from the speed. Mini-games will keep coming only if you are alive, but they come faster and faster. That meaning is twofold: you have to act faster or you have to keep your characters going faster in control. For example, you have to flicker away all bugs and goos inside a yeti’s hair before the progressively shorter time runs out, while in the Patchy figure ice-skating your character skates ever faster, which requires quicker reflex at the brink of holes on the ice. You earn points at every game. And the total points of all three lives will be your final score. You can constantly push yourself to break your own best record. And the top players’ scores will also stimulate you to try harder.

Like its predecessor, Dumb Ways to Die2 lets you collect new characters. But the rules are different this time. You play at the Dumbest of the Dumb and when you get the required scores, you can spin the Wheel of Misfortune. It is all about luck to get a new character and as that name implies you are generally favored by misfortune. What makes this harder is that you need tokens to enter this game. You only get one free token every 24 hours. If you really want to collect a whole set of those dumb characters, you have to wait for long or cough up some real cash.

Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Game features the similar control mechanics to its original. The new mini-games are fresh and fun with the signature whimsy and humor in the animation. It is just less friendly to free players. It is solid and fun. If you love the original game, you can take it as a large expansion with new mini-games and characters in new style.

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