Peggle Blast Review

Peggle Blast brings more of the similar fun from the classic Peggle game. It features tons of new levels expanding across several worlds guarded by the familiar and new Peggle Masters and packs in couples of new goals in addition to clearing the orange pegs. Differently, it comes as a freemium title, so you’d see the timer and IAPs in tow.

Aiming and bouncing remain to be the basic mechanics in Peggle Blast. You tap to guide the shooting cursor, hold down to see the close-up of the landing point, and tap again to shoot the ball. You have limited balls to use and so need to focus on the level goal. Besides the orange peg clearance, some levels involve about dropping couples of gems and hatching a number of phoenix eggs. While the former is simply about hitting down pegs and bricks that hold the gems to let them fall, the hatching task is sort-of on the opposite.

To complete the egg-hatching task, you need to hit an egg three times to crack it open. If you do not hatch but drop an egg, you fail instantly unless it happens to fall into the Free Ball Bucket sliding to and fro at the bottom of the screen. That makes an immediate hatch, equivalent to the Ring of Fire ball. And the Free Ball Bucket, as its naming suggest, is a generous pot that rewards you varying number of free ball supplies whenever your shots fall into it.

Peggle Blast has an evolving map filled with various worlds, each guarded by a special Peggle Master. You can see a couple of old faces including Bjorn the unicorn and Jimmy the squirrel and several new characters like the pink pig and pirate octopus. As you enter their guarding lands, Peggle Masters will show you their unique powers. You can use their special abilities to solve tricky levels: show the projectile of the bounce with Bjorn’s super guide, turn a ball into multiple nuts from Jimmy, and melt a path of pegs away with Shelldon’s slime and so on. As usual, you get three free supplies of their power and when running out you can but purchase them for real cash.

Unlike the classic Peggle, you cannot duel these masters. But there is one mean character named Fnord, the splenetic brother of Bjorn, constantly against you and bent on ruining your happy journey. At random levels, he would show up and make a level difficult by stealing away the Free Bucket or turning some orange pegs invisible.

The level design in Peggle Blast carries on the diversified and dynamic feature of its original. Bombs, fire balls, gnomes, keys, piñatas and rotating pivots will show up to spicy up the shooting experience. And the animation is generally colorful and explosive with numbers and rainbow stretches popping up with long shots and perfect slides.

Now let’s talk about its free-to-play integration. Peggle Blast has the usual five-heart timer and sets the threshold of Invite-Friends-or-Pay between different worlds. So you sigh when running out of lives and then frown at the push of Friend-invite. And Then? I don’t know, probably give it up and look for some substitutes which you can play without spamming friends. So overall Peggle Blast is fun and rich as usual, but its rate is towed down a bit by its freemium features.

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