Rescue Quest Review

Rescue Quest is a fun gem-matching puzzler set in a world of sorcery. It has a main storyline around wizard apprentices Boom and Zap’s journey through a cursed land rescuing spritelings locked up by a dark magician. And that backdrop decides the primary task at all levels: rescue the spritelings.

You can play either Boom or Zap to begin the journey. The basic mechanics is the old same matching three or more tokens to pop them away. But this time, you make matches to clear a path for your character to approach the cages of spritelings, which are usually located at the corner of the map. Rescue Quest’s level maps are comparatively larger with multiple parts and more turns. You only see parts of it as you go but can always drag around to see the rest.

There will be a highlight line to indicate the shorted path between your starting point and the trapped spritelings. You can follow that line at early levels that have few barriers. But you need to plan your own rescue route soon when the shortest way is not the most plausible. At some levels the shortest path winds through dark tokens that require multiple matches to loosen or is blocked by rocks and ice. And in the levels with spritelings trapped in locked cages, you have to get keys first. So Rescue Quest manages to add a layer of strategy to its gameplay.

Besides aforementioned hazards, you will also deal with troublesome foes like imps, spiders and yetis as you advance on the map. To rid of them is usually an additional level goal. And you’d better finish them as early as possible because they make your advancing route tougher, like imps stamping normal tokens to turn them into dark ones. Every creature has its own HP and generally takes more than a couple of matches to kill. You have limited moves to use. And creating special tokens is definitely better than normal matches.

Four tokens in a match make a Splash, L/T-shaped matches create a bomb, and a match of six or more tokens conjures up a Wild Flower. By including these special tokens in a match, you can clear a whole line, take out a 3×3 square or pop away all tokens of the chosen color. But as a wizard, you can do more than that. You also get the ability to cast spells. Pulverize is the first spell you learn. You can charge this spell by matching green tokens. When the meter is full, you can summon a green hammer to smash any of three tokens. You can unlock a few more when reaching specific levels.

Rescue Quest is free to download. It has the Five-Life system and the restricted play entailed. One of the in-app purchases is the instant life recharge, and the rest are the several power-up tokens that are completely optional. Overall, the game is solid and fun. It has those familiar match-3 concepts and then makes them a little different with a dose of mission-based adventure. It is worth a download.

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